Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sock it to the groomsmen

I guess my mind is thinking feet this week because I'm still loving the colored pumps on the brides and now am loving the idea of groomsmen wearing matching/fun socks.  My husband has been a groomsmen a few times and I wouldn't be surprised if he's pulled the show up with white socks on move for at least a few of them.  Guys don't think about their socks and the fact that when they sit down their pant leg is going to rise and their socks will show.  I'll admit I've done it too and looked down and realized I'm wearing 2 socks that don't even match (laundry is an issue in our house). 

What a great idea to tack on a pair of socks as a "groomsmen gift" so all the groomsmen have matching socks for the wedding day.  A nice pair of dress socks that helps compliment the wedding colors.  This is trend that I'm sure photographers enjoy as well.  Just another fun little detail for those fun couples out there that want to do something a little different. 

These Groomsmen have different colors but within the same pattern- fun!

A very put together look


I LOVE THIS ONE- Every bridesmaid has a different colored sash and the groomsmen socks match her sash- so cute and fun!

PHOTO CONTEST- Submission Deadline is Halloween @ midnight

Here are the latest submissions:

Karen and Kevin Haddon

Lisa Grow and Damon Spottswood

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photo Contest (A RANDOM DRAWING)- submissions due by Midnight Halloween night!!!

Here are the latest submissions of some more adorable couples:

Helen and Blake Burnette

Margaux and Bobby Frazitta

Naomi Hirabayashi and John Ousley

Rachel Grinney and Borna Emami

Jenni and Ryan Unthank

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Shoes (Sex and City 2 releases tomorrow)

I saw the first sex and the city movie in the movie theatre and have to say that I hated Carrie's wedding attire.  I just didn't love any of it really.  At the end of the movie when she opted for the suit (although I still think a dress would've been cool) and her Manolo's I liked the "something blue" being her shoes.  I'm looking forward to renting the 2nd movie to see all the fashion.  I just didn't take to the first movie as well as I did the show- there's something about Carrie starting and ending each episode with her Witty commentary that I love and felt was lost when transferred to the big screen. 

This is a trend we're seeing a lot of lately- colored shoes on brides and I LOVE it!  I think it's so fun and different and I just love when brides dare to be different.  It's the biggest day of your life you should try to make it about you and express who you are and I think a bride with colored shoes states that she's fun and flirty.  Some even bold and sexy.  Regardless it takes a confident bride/woman to do this and I really hope to see more of it.  I wish I had thought of it when I was getting married I would've totally done it! 

Here are some photos of some brides that dared to be different- I'm interested to hear what other people think of this trend?  Fan or Hater?  Leave a comment!

Classic something blue

Yellow- notice the grooms matching socks (adorable detail)

Pretty in Pink

Fun in Plum

Classy in Red
If you are a bride that wore colored shoes- email me a picture and I can post it on my blog:)

REMINDER: Winner will be chosen by RANDOM DRAWING

REMINDER:  Winner will be chosen by RANDOM DRAWING so don't stress out over the picture you submit.  Here are the latest submissions:

Stephanie Burke and Dave Kim

Tori and Brian Hunter

Kelly McGlynn and Erik Ferjenstsik

Mariel Galang and Trenton Randall

Tandy Yadkamol and Chakris Raungtriphop

Saturday, October 23, 2010

25% Chance of Winning at this point!

So far I only have 4 entries for the photo contest- hopefully that will encourage those of you thinking "I'll never win" to enter- as of now those entered have a 25% chance of winning- I'll take those odds!  It's a free $50 gift card.  This is a Maggiano's gift card but it can also be used at Chili's, On the Border, Corner Bakery and Macaroni Grill. 

The point of the contest was to get more followers- which has worked- since I posted the contest I've gotten 10 more followers (thanks ladies) but I'm surprised more people haven't entered to win- so I thought I would post the pictures I've received so far to hopefully spark some participation from my followers (and maybe get some more).  Thanks to the beautiful couples who have submitted (April, Morayma, Hannah and Mel)... Dylan is looking forward to drawing a name next week=).

April and Josh Leach

Morayma and Matt Osborn

Hannah and PJ Ross

Melissa Decker and JR Guidry
REMINDER:   IF you're already a follower just email me a picture to
IF you're not yet a follower-become one THEN email me a picture. 

Don't worry about a write-up yet because whoever wins I will email and get more info for the blog highlight on the couple- so just be sure to include your names when you submit. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Submit a photo of you and your hubby/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance, partner, etc. via email to (include names of both ppl in photo and brief bio about the couple). 


Winner will be chosen at random, highlighted on this blog and receive a $50 gift card

All entries are due by midnight on Halloween night (for those who want to do a Halloween pic!). 

All entries will be written on paper and put in a bowl and one of my handy helpers (Nic or Dylan) will pick a name out of a bowl (we'll take a pic- idea stolen from Hungry Mom- thanks!).  Winner will be announced Monday, November 1st.  Prize will be mailed.

A Vintage Wedding

Every bride has their "what I would do differently stories" about their weddings.  Even a girlfriend of mine who just recently had an amazing wedding was saying some things the other day she would've done differently- it's normal- all brides do that during their reflecting period.  I think the reflecting period if the period of time you spent planning your wedding... you spend the same amount of time reflecting on the day/details/etc.  I'm out of my reflecting period now and remember my wedding as an amazing day.  However, just as my taste for backless shirts and booty shorts have changed so has my attraction to wedding dresses and accessories.  Maybe my bridesmaids wouldn't have looked like cupcakes, maybe I would've tried on a lace dress, who knows?  But the vintage look makes me want to be a bride all over again.... Luckily the one thing that would definitely remain unchanged would be the groom.
As we approach the colder weather some of our "vintage" fashion favorites from the past are coming back; jean jackets, animal prints, furs, etc.  I'm also reading to not be afraid of mixing patterns together and to be daring with my accessory choices.  These trends seem to be leaking into the wedding industry as well.  We're seeing more and more vintage style engagement rings- which I absolutely LOVE!  Who wouldn't love to be rocking one of these:

Then there's the dress.  I'll admit when I was a bride and someone even suggested lace I refused to even try one on- now I wish I had.  Lace dresses are so gorgeous!  They are elegant and classy and can be very sexy.  They have a vintage feel to them and they are just stunning.  Here are some I like:

I have this dress hanging in my guest bedroom closet for a friend getting married next year and I cannot wait to see her wearing it- LOVE IT!

(Picture Stolen from FB with permission) The bride is a girl I know from college and when I saw her pictures post on Facebook my mouth just hit the floor- this dress is so stunning and the long stranded pearls she paired it with were just perfection!  Love the little sleeves too- so different:)

 Okay onto the bird cage veils- I have yet to attend a wedding where a bride wears one and I don't understand it- If I go could go back and do it all over again... Just kidding but seriously these are so classy and chic looking.  Reese Witherspoon wore one in her on-screen wedding in Sweet Home Alabama, Katy Perry rocks one in her Hot and Cold Music video.  Katherine Heigl wore one in real life to complete her vintage look. 

So my vote for overall best Vintage bride that all other brides looking for a vintage look could take note from is Mrs. Joshua Kelly (and good news- they are still happily married so far!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pepper and Dave Engaged

Pepper and Dave are getting married on May 21, 2011.  Their reception is going to be at the Park Hyatt in DC.  I'm really looking forward to coordinating their special day.  Pepper and I spoke on the phone a month or so ago and we've emailed back and forth throughout the contract process and beginning planning.  So I haven't ever met her in person so I was excited to be able to put a face with the name/voice/email.  Pepper's photographer Jason, of Jason Weil Photography ( allowed me to post some of their engagement pictures to share with everyone.  This will be the first engagement picture series I've posted on my blog so I'm pretty excited about that!  What a cute couple:

I was also able to snag a shot of their save the dates they are using.  They were provided by Ellie Snow/Graphic Designer, her information is as follows:

I've never seen this done before and I think it's very sweet and I'm sure their parents will really cherish it. 

Check back in a few months to see the pictures I'll be posting from their big day:)  

What: Marriage Why: Because we love each other- Best Save the Date to Date

I cannot take credit for this (although I'd love to)... My friend Naomi is hilarious and today I opened my email to find a save the date that is totally her.  An email stating that the attachment is her "progressive" Save the date.  This save the date is awesome!  It's funny, creative and just so her and John which I love:).  I also love the fact that they will be getting married on mine and Nic's 5 year wedding anniversary and in the Outer Banks which is where we tied the knot.  So pumped!!!

I've been a part of helping Naomi plan her wedding (so far) and I love that everything they are doing really is them and the day is going to reflect so much of who they are.  It'll be really laid back and fun but beautiful and full of love and smiles=). 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bridal Brunch- Refer a bride- get a prize=)

The bridal expo was a few weeks ago at the Dulles Expo center.  To get rent a booth was a ridiculous amount of money.  I'm not there yet.  Paying for a booth at one of those things isn't really my style- seems kind of salesy which is going to my weakness in this whole adventure... I hate sales.  So I'm putting the buzz out there for a more intimate bridal affair.  When I was a bride I would've loved to have attended a smaller more intimate gathering with a few local vendors to get an idea of what was out there... There is so much overwhelming information out there for brides. 

So I'm in the beginning stages of planning a bridal brunch.  I figured I'll limit it to 4 or 5 couples.  If there's a lot of interest I'll do more than one.  I'll have a caterer bring a few samples, a photographer come shoot a few shots of each couple, a ceremony music player come play, a cake maker bring some samples and of course I'll be there to offering wedding planning advice.  Not only could this potentially draw in more business for myself and my preferred vendors but it would give some upcoming brides a helpful look into what some local vendors have to offer. 

I suspect the vendor interest for something like this would be high (I already have some strong interest in the few I've mentioned the idea to), it's getting in contact with brides that would be my challenge.  So I figured I'll start with my blog followers/family and friends and do a "refer a bride" contest.  So for every bride referred to me who wants to attend one of the brunches I will send the person who referred them a target gift card (think small as my budget for this is limited).  This event would be free to all brides and grooms.  No obligation just an informative fun brunch. 

Make sure if you refer someone for this they reference you so I can get you your gift card!  Tell all brides to email me at:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Cook

Maritza and Sean's service was held at the Walter Reed Chapel in D.C.  The reception was a luncheon at Maggianos in Chevy Chase.  The couple was already married but wanted to do a celebration with family and friends.  The bride asked the florist to add pins in her flowers which I love- I think the flowers looked amazing!  The couple loves dessert so in addition to a cake decided to have a chocolate fountain- yum!.  Here are some pictures provided by their photographer, Lori Thoden:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brown's Chapel in Reston, VA- beautiful day for a wedding

This morning I headed over to Brown's chapel in Reston, VA.  This historical chapel is adorable.  Nic (my hubby) and I got married in a historical chapel like this so I LOVED this!  When I walked in I was surprised to see an empty room.  Well mostly empty with the exception of some eye sores that I immediately decided we needed to move.  The only problem... It was just me.  So I started by setting up all the chairs and running the aisle runner down the center of the aisle.  As I was putting the chair covers and sashes on the chairs the flowers arrived.  Thankfully it was 2 young ladies that were eager to help me transform this church into a masterpiece:).  They had beautiful rose petals that were placed on the outside of the runner.  The bride had given me the chair covers and sashes in a white sheet.  She also gave me a table that she mentioned she wasn't wild about for the Unity Candle so I decided I wanted to use that white sheet to drape over the table.  I knew it would look really good because she had a white back drop (drape and piping) and the chair covers were a draped look too.  I hate to assume people will like something so I asked the girls what they thought they both agreed so we did it.  The girls added some petals around it and it looked great!!!  I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

We used the extra sashes to wrap around the rails outside and tie some bows to add some decor outside the chapel.  We also worked quickly to move as much of the "crap" that was in the back of the church out.  I wish I could show a before and after picture but I was rushed and didn't even take out my camera... by the time the photographer got there we were set up so she'll send me some good photos but a before and after would be amazing!!!  Here's a pictures of Brown's Chapel I got from google so you can see how adorable this chapel is. 

The bride wore a fitted lace dress which was so perfect and she looked so happy and beautiful!  Another great wedding:)  Pictures to come.  Now time to watch a movie and snuggle with my boys!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Fun- A neighborhood event

So when my family first moved into our neighborhood we didn't really know anyone except our close friends the Henry's that lived on a nearby street.  So I inquired about joining the activities committee, however realized that with school, work and family I really didn't have any time to fully commit to being on the committee.  So I offered to help where I could but didn't officially join.  Well we've been in our house for 3 years now (Oct 1st was our 3 yr anniversary in our house- wow!) and we've been to 1 neighborhood event in that time and it was within 30 days after we moved in.  So I always complain about how our activities committee doesn't plan enough stuff and our HOA fees are going to waste, etc.  So this year I decided to take matters into my own hands.  We live in a double ended culd-e-sac and I ran it by my neighbors to make sure everyone was on board (since the culd-e-sac is kind of a common area- didn't think it was fair to assume everyone would be cool with volunteering the space- but my neighbors are awesome and everyone was on board). 

So I volunteered my husband and his friend Bryan to load up their truck beds with hay and do hay rides.  One of them will lead the pack and the other will trail and in between the trucks the kids can do a little parade around the inner streets of our neighborhood.  We made it a potluck so depending on what number people's houses end in (odd or even) they will bring either a dessert or appetizer.  After the parade we'll do snacks, games and a costume contest prize in the culd-e-sac.  Since this isn't (wasn't) an HOA sponsored event there really is no money so I decided rather than putting myself out of pocket for the prizes I would try to see if I could get some donations.  I was so excited to get so many awesome donations.  I thought it would be nice to recognize the local places that donated and just say thanks.  Here's what we received so far:

Loudoun Sports Bounce:  5 free bounce passes
Bowl America (Chantilly):  5 free games of bowling
Panther Family Fun Center:  10 free passes for laser tag
Glory Days (Stone Ridge):  2 $10 gift cards

Meanwhile, I posted this on our community website to try to branch out and invite people in the neighborhood that we don't know.  The head of the activities committee contacted me and mentioned having a mass email sent out to everyone by contacting the webmaster.  So I did and now this event is going to be considered a neighborhood event.  I'm really excited because I think it'll be a fun event for the kids (and parents since I think a lot of them are planning on dressing up too!).  We have a really fun neighborhood and I think events like this help instill a sense of community and a good way to meet more neighbors.  So looking forward to it and I'll post pictures once we have it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a day-of coordination for Margaux and Bobby's wedding. The reception was at the Dulles Hilton.  The couple both looked great and the wedding was a lot of fun! 

Phillip Kent was the photographer for Margaux and Bobby's wedding and he sent me a few photos. You can  see the mailbox I made for their wedding. It's a great alternative to the bird cage eye sore.  Here are some good photos from the wedding:)