Friday, October 15, 2010

Bridal Brunch- Refer a bride- get a prize=)

The bridal expo was a few weeks ago at the Dulles Expo center.  To get rent a booth was a ridiculous amount of money.  I'm not there yet.  Paying for a booth at one of those things isn't really my style- seems kind of salesy which is going to my weakness in this whole adventure... I hate sales.  So I'm putting the buzz out there for a more intimate bridal affair.  When I was a bride I would've loved to have attended a smaller more intimate gathering with a few local vendors to get an idea of what was out there... There is so much overwhelming information out there for brides. 

So I'm in the beginning stages of planning a bridal brunch.  I figured I'll limit it to 4 or 5 couples.  If there's a lot of interest I'll do more than one.  I'll have a caterer bring a few samples, a photographer come shoot a few shots of each couple, a ceremony music player come play, a cake maker bring some samples and of course I'll be there to offering wedding planning advice.  Not only could this potentially draw in more business for myself and my preferred vendors but it would give some upcoming brides a helpful look into what some local vendors have to offer. 

I suspect the vendor interest for something like this would be high (I already have some strong interest in the few I've mentioned the idea to), it's getting in contact with brides that would be my challenge.  So I figured I'll start with my blog followers/family and friends and do a "refer a bride" contest.  So for every bride referred to me who wants to attend one of the brunches I will send the person who referred them a target gift card (think small as my budget for this is limited).  This event would be free to all brides and grooms.  No obligation just an informative fun brunch. 

Make sure if you refer someone for this they reference you so I can get you your gift card!  Tell all brides to email me at:

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