Saturday, October 23, 2010

25% Chance of Winning at this point!

So far I only have 4 entries for the photo contest- hopefully that will encourage those of you thinking "I'll never win" to enter- as of now those entered have a 25% chance of winning- I'll take those odds!  It's a free $50 gift card.  This is a Maggiano's gift card but it can also be used at Chili's, On the Border, Corner Bakery and Macaroni Grill. 

The point of the contest was to get more followers- which has worked- since I posted the contest I've gotten 10 more followers (thanks ladies) but I'm surprised more people haven't entered to win- so I thought I would post the pictures I've received so far to hopefully spark some participation from my followers (and maybe get some more).  Thanks to the beautiful couples who have submitted (April, Morayma, Hannah and Mel)... Dylan is looking forward to drawing a name next week=).

April and Josh Leach

Morayma and Matt Osborn

Hannah and PJ Ross

Melissa Decker and JR Guidry
REMINDER:   IF you're already a follower just email me a picture to
IF you're not yet a follower-become one THEN email me a picture. 

Don't worry about a write-up yet because whoever wins I will email and get more info for the blog highlight on the couple- so just be sure to include your names when you submit. 

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