Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What: Marriage Why: Because we love each other- Best Save the Date to Date

I cannot take credit for this (although I'd love to)... My friend Naomi is hilarious and today I opened my email to find a save the date that is totally her.  An email stating that the attachment is her "progressive" Save the date.  This save the date is awesome!  It's funny, creative and just so her and John which I love:).  I also love the fact that they will be getting married on mine and Nic's 5 year wedding anniversary and in the Outer Banks which is where we tied the knot.  So pumped!!!

I've been a part of helping Naomi plan her wedding (so far) and I love that everything they are doing really is them and the day is going to reflect so much of who they are.  It'll be really laid back and fun but beautiful and full of love and smiles=). 


  1. Thanks for the shout out Silver Touch! I feel famous! Lots of save the date love!!