Monday, September 20, 2010

Silver Touch Events is a registered LLC:)

So it's official Silver Touch Events is officially my LLC.  I didn't realize how easy it was to get an LLC, but it's through the state and there's an application and you just mail that and a $100 check and boom you have your own business.  This makes sense to do especially for tax purposes.  So I'm excited to be legit and have everything outlined and planned. 

October 2nd is evidentally a busy wedding day this year.  I got double booked, which is great because my girlfriend Hannah agreed to take on the second booking.  Since I'm starting out and trying to build my business the way I want it to be and I am a bit of a control freak I wouldn't trust this with just anyone.  Hannah is amazing and actually helped bring me into event planning at Nextel.  She'll do a great job:). 

The wedding that Hannah is going to be handling is in MD and it's a 50 person wedding.  I've decided the best first step when working with a client is to establish a budget.  There are so many vendors in this area and the price ranges can vary so it's best for everyone if we know what we're working with right off the bat.  So this bride had a $500 budget for a photographer.  Well in this area, photographer packages start at $1200 minimum.  So I had the discussion with the bride and groom and just told them it was unrealistic.  However, I do happen to know some photographers working on their portfolios and trying to break into the industry so after I ran it by the couple and they approved that was my new task.  Secure an up and coming photographer for $500.  I reached out to a few people I know and got a contract for the couple.  They are thrilled!  Makes me happy because I can help someone launch their career while doing my job and making the couple happy:).