Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brown's Chapel in Reston, VA- beautiful day for a wedding

This morning I headed over to Brown's chapel in Reston, VA.  This historical chapel is adorable.  Nic (my hubby) and I got married in a historical chapel like this so I LOVED this!  When I walked in I was surprised to see an empty room.  Well mostly empty with the exception of some eye sores that I immediately decided we needed to move.  The only problem... It was just me.  So I started by setting up all the chairs and running the aisle runner down the center of the aisle.  As I was putting the chair covers and sashes on the chairs the flowers arrived.  Thankfully it was 2 young ladies that were eager to help me transform this church into a masterpiece:).  They had beautiful rose petals that were placed on the outside of the runner.  The bride had given me the chair covers and sashes in a white sheet.  She also gave me a table that she mentioned she wasn't wild about for the Unity Candle so I decided I wanted to use that white sheet to drape over the table.  I knew it would look really good because she had a white back drop (drape and piping) and the chair covers were a draped look too.  I hate to assume people will like something so I asked the girls what they thought they both agreed so we did it.  The girls added some petals around it and it looked great!!!  I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

We used the extra sashes to wrap around the rails outside and tie some bows to add some decor outside the chapel.  We also worked quickly to move as much of the "crap" that was in the back of the church out.  I wish I could show a before and after picture but I was rushed and didn't even take out my camera... by the time the photographer got there we were set up so she'll send me some good photos but a before and after would be amazing!!!  Here's a pictures of Brown's Chapel I got from google so you can see how adorable this chapel is. 

The bride wore a fitted lace dress which was so perfect and she looked so happy and beautiful!  Another great wedding:)  Pictures to come.  Now time to watch a movie and snuggle with my boys!

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