Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Vintage Wedding

Every bride has their "what I would do differently stories" about their weddings.  Even a girlfriend of mine who just recently had an amazing wedding was saying some things the other day she would've done differently- it's normal- all brides do that during their reflecting period.  I think the reflecting period if the period of time you spent planning your wedding... you spend the same amount of time reflecting on the day/details/etc.  I'm out of my reflecting period now and remember my wedding as an amazing day.  However, just as my taste for backless shirts and booty shorts have changed so has my attraction to wedding dresses and accessories.  Maybe my bridesmaids wouldn't have looked like cupcakes, maybe I would've tried on a lace dress, who knows?  But the vintage look makes me want to be a bride all over again.... Luckily the one thing that would definitely remain unchanged would be the groom.
As we approach the colder weather some of our "vintage" fashion favorites from the past are coming back; jean jackets, animal prints, furs, etc.  I'm also reading to not be afraid of mixing patterns together and to be daring with my accessory choices.  These trends seem to be leaking into the wedding industry as well.  We're seeing more and more vintage style engagement rings- which I absolutely LOVE!  Who wouldn't love to be rocking one of these:

Then there's the dress.  I'll admit when I was a bride and someone even suggested lace I refused to even try one on- now I wish I had.  Lace dresses are so gorgeous!  They are elegant and classy and can be very sexy.  They have a vintage feel to them and they are just stunning.  Here are some I like:

I have this dress hanging in my guest bedroom closet for a friend getting married next year and I cannot wait to see her wearing it- LOVE IT!

(Picture Stolen from FB with permission) The bride is a girl I know from college and when I saw her pictures post on Facebook my mouth just hit the floor- this dress is so stunning and the long stranded pearls she paired it with were just perfection!  Love the little sleeves too- so different:)

 Okay onto the bird cage veils- I have yet to attend a wedding where a bride wears one and I don't understand it- If I go could go back and do it all over again... Just kidding but seriously these are so classy and chic looking.  Reese Witherspoon wore one in her on-screen wedding in Sweet Home Alabama, Katy Perry rocks one in her Hot and Cold Music video.  Katherine Heigl wore one in real life to complete her vintage look. 

So my vote for overall best Vintage bride that all other brides looking for a vintage look could take note from is Mrs. Joshua Kelly (and good news- they are still happily married so far!)

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