Monday, May 9, 2011

Toy Story 3 playdate

I've been really bad about blogging lately so I thought I'd do an entry today.  This month my schedule is crazy, I have a wedding coming up next weekend and then am planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party the following weekend.  To add to that my son has been invited to 6 birthday parties over the next 3 weekends.  SIX!!!  That's how is always is though- we have nothing going on and then everything happens at once.  I'm an adrenalin junkie though so I'm actually excited about it all. 

The warmer weather is coming so my sanity is creeping back- my son can play outside- whoo hoo!  The winter months I find extremely challenging to entertain him while at the same time trying to expend some of his energy.  I felt like we hadn't done anything in a while specifically for him so one weekend in March I decided I was going to arrange a playdate for him.  As a working mom I have guilt about not being able to do playdates with him or take him to the pool in the summer, so I like to go all out for him when I can.  Of course I went a little over the top but my son was so excited and he was helping me set everything up for his little buddies to come over.  He was jumping around the house and kept asking when they were coming- so I was happy to see him so happy:).

I love kids parties because no rules apply in terms of decorating.  You don't have to worry about being "tacky" or if things match perfectly.  The more of the theme you can tie in the better- it's stimulation for the kids and they LOVE it!  So we grabbed a bunch of my son's Toy Story stuff to set the mood in their "theater". 
Then it was time for the spread.  I had bought some toy story confetti, plates and napkins and made a little snack table for them.  Party City had these awesome plastic Toy Story cups for $1 each (they also have them for other themes: Batman, Superman, etc. my son now has a bunch!).  So we filled those cups with popcorn for each kid.  Then I made a bunch of PB&J's and put out some cheeseballs. 

So there were seven 3-4 year olds and the kids watched almost the entire movie before wanting to move on to something else so it was a great Saturday activity.  I also gave each kid a little present as a thank you for coming to our playdate.  They were these Toy Story 3 coloring activity things with Toy Story 3 markers.

My son totally thought it was his birthday party! After everyone left he was like "Why didn't they sing happy birthday to me with cake?"  So I explained to him that it wasn't his birthday and that for his birthday we would do something even better- so he has since been telling me about his Superhero Birthday party!  Which is still 3 months away but it's never to early to start planning:).