Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Beer Pong Tournament

This years beer pong tournament has come and gone.  For the 1st year I thought we might be good on the rules, but we ended up having 2 small rules to add.  The rule book is now 2 pages but I think we have everything covered for next year... Now I can start my book on how to host a beer pong tournament.  Pretty sure I won't have any competitors in the slim market of people who are crazy enough to subject their house to a beer pong tournament.  This was the 3rd year and every year it gets easier. 

Basement Pool Play
This year I wanted the winners to walk away with more than just the cash prize.  As this event is VERY classy I thought what more appropriate then a trophy where we could whip up their name on a label maker and slap it on there that night so they could go home and proudly display their amazing accomplishment!

Better half of the winning team with their trophy
And of course... we had some great "Team Gear".  As beer pong is an annual neighborhood event now I think people might be giving up on beating these two, who seem to go all out every year. 

Best Team Gear (2 years in a row!)
It's funny to tell people you host a beer pong tournament because people literally look at you like you're insane.  Then when you explain how it all works it sounds like a ton of organization goes into it, which it does but it's pretty easy at this point.  I've had people tell me I should write a manual or make it part of my event planning- so here it is- anyone who wants to host a beer pong tournament let me know- I've got some tips!