Monday, January 3, 2011

Registering... ANY EVENT

Amazon wish lists were something I saw a lot of this holiday season and I think it's great.  Especially for the kids.  It's so hard to keep up with what they want/need vs. already have.  Let's be honest too parents don't want everyone getting them the biggest bulkiest item out there either.  So it's nice for people to use a wish list, just as with a wedding or baby registry. 

My girlfriend lives in NYC and is getting married in September.  She doesn't want to register because they already live together so they have everything they need and they don't have anywhere to store china or a cupcake tier.  BUT proper etiquette tells us it's inappropriate to ask for money.  So what's the solution?  I've sent this website to a few brides now and think not only for brides but birthday parties, showers, etc.  It works for any event.

So you can allocate money towards certain things.  For example, you can say POTS and PAN set and put that you want $500 towards that.  It's great because someone only looking to spend $100 can put $100 towards it and feel like they are contributing to a bigger ticket item.  Also, in the end- it's all money for the bride and groom to use with it what they want.  A lot of couples even put "Money for our Honeymoon" and people like contributing to that.  The registrant isn't limited to the specific items in a store and the purchasers can choose whatever they want to contribute to and in the end get people a gift they really want/need.

I think it's a great website and wanted to share:)