Monday, November 8, 2010

A Revealing Sex Party (Revealing the sex of a baby)

This is a party to reveal the sex of a baby... This concept was introduced to me by a friend of mine.  So I started thinking wow that's a cool idea- rather than sitting in a sonogram room with a doctor who tells people this news a hundred times a day why not make the discovery even more special.  So here's how it works- when you get the sonogram ask them to put it in an envelope (sealed) then immediately go to the grocery store or bakery and tell them you want them to open the envelope and if it's a boy use blue icing or cake in the middle of the cake.  If it's a girl you want them to use pink.  You can have fun with the outside of the cake too- like this:

Invite your family and closest friends over to your house for a "Reveal Party".  As your guests enter your house have them guess the sex by putting their name in either your girliest stiletto or his manliest loafer. 

After the sex is revealed you can do a random drawing out of the winning shoe and give out a fun gag gift.  You can also do this for a baby shower- keep all the gifts gender neutral and give the host of the shower the envelope and she can mix a gift in with the rest of the gifts so as you open the gifts you will open one that says "congratulations on your baby (girl or boy)" with some gender specific items.  This works well with a co-ed bridal shower. 

I don't watch but for anyone that watches the Duggar Family- Josh Duggar and his wife Anna found out the sex of their baby (girl- note the pink cake) via the cake reveal on the Today Show:

I'm totally doing this for someone!  Such a fun idea:)


  1. What about doing this for yourself? :) It's time for another one!

  2. Well I will for myself (you know how I love throwing parties for myself) but that will be a while:)