Monday, October 8, 2012

Catherine & Ed Vint...

So it's official I am a HORRIBLE blogger!  As I find myself bundled up in a sweater today avoiding the freezing weather outside I think about how quickly summer came & went.  This summer I had the pleasure of working two amazing weddings... Figured it's time I blog about them...

I attended the rehearsal for Ed & Catherine in Alexandria on a Friday evening in June.  On my way home I swung by my parents house for dinner and a quick visit then headed home so I could rest up for the big day I had ahead of me.  On the way home things were flying across the road and my dad called me to tell me I was driving straight into a tornado- luckily I was near a friends house and was able to take cover.  Turns out it was a Derecho Storm.  I was able to get home safely and get a good night sleep.  The next morning I woke up to get ready for the wedding and heard of massive power outages everywhere.  I immediately called the church & hotel where the wedding was taking place to make sure everything was working and luckily everything was fine.  There were hotels surrounding them though that were out of power.  It was very lucky that their day went smoothly and for the most part unaffected by the strong storms.  Catherine was a beautiful bride and Ed a very handsome groom.  Their wedding was a lot of fun!!!  Here are some pictures I got permission to share:

The brides Dress

Huge Floral Arrangement

The stunning bride

A very fun wedding party!!!

Love this one:)- Photography by Neil Van Niekerk Photography

Great Lighting by Superlative Events

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