Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Crafty Playdate

With the cold weather in full swing, Dylan has been a tornado of energy and it's too cold to let him run wild outside and get rid of some of it.  So I decided this weekend I was going to arrange a play date for him.  He hasn't seen a few buddies in a few weeks and he's been asking about them and I told him I'd talk to their mommies and set something up.  We've been reading lots of holiday themed books and talking about baking gingerbread men cookies and he's been really into the Christmas decorations and all the little festive things.  So I asked him if he wanted to do some holiday crafts like make an ornament for the tree- he acted really excited.  So I decided I was going to do a holiday craft play date. 

Since the age group is 3-4 year olds I figured let's steer clear of the glitters and paints- just for my own sanity.  Also, I didn't want to have endless crafts because I figured the kids would be over and done with the crafts within 30 minutes- I think the boys lasted 17 minutes- but it was fun while it lasted.  So here are the crafts we did:
Christmas Mouse Ornament- Supplies (for this age group I pre-cut the felt, candy canes, eyes and small puff ball for the nose)
Color your own ornament (Mickey Mouse, Cars and Princess themed)
Color your own mug- Each mug has 3 different coloring pages in them to choose from
Kiddos in Action
I always have to get a little more creative with ways to entertain him in the winter so this was definitely a fun day for him.


  1. love the mugs! man bummed i miss it, i totally need a mickey mug ;)

  2. Karen- the boys were not so crafty- rather than coloring the pages to go in the mug Dylan just crumbled them into a ball and shoved them in the cup. haha- next playdate will be Ultimate fighter themed and I'll just make the entire basement a wrestling/boxing ring.