Sunday, September 11, 2011

Superhero Birthday party!!!

My son just recently turned 4 years old.  He wanted a superhero birthday party.  He's switched day cares so he has his old friends and new friends plus his neighborhood friends so limiting the guest list was going to be hard.  Also the idea of the parents dropping off the kids leaving me in charge of a bunch of 4 year olds was a little terrifying.  We often do culdesac happy hours at our house and Dylan loves them and calls them "his parties" so I thought we'd do a big culdesac happy hour/superhero party so we could invite everyone and the parents would stay too. 

So I decided I was going to do primary colors with a splash of multiple superheros.  So I started making the invitations and decided it would be cool to make each kid a superhero cape.  There was about 35 kids invited though so I didn't want to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars making these so I found this video on you tube:  So it was very inexpensive to make these part of the invitation bags.  And they turned out really cute!!!

This was a back-up one that just said Super Friend in case any kids forgot theirs. 

I figured we would have about 100 people and we were going to be feeding them all dinner so my husband actually came up with the idea of individually wrapping the hamburgers/cheeseburgers and hot dogs in aluminum foil so we could put them in tubs rather than having the meat sit out- it would help keep them fresher.  So I bought some primary color tubs and made a label for each with a superhero background on the label. 
Food Tubs:)

For the silverware wrap ups I painted a shoe box red and just glued some superhero logos on the box.  The silverware was just various primary colors. 

One of my girlfriends is a wonderful cake maker so I asked her to make a superhero cake for his party and I was shocked when she showed up with this 3 tier cake but it was almost all eaten so it was a good thing.  So impressive though.  I ordered cupcakes from my favorite cupcake lady and made superhero toppers for them.  So the party was outside but I made a dessert table inside:
3 tier cake (spiderman, batman & Captain America)

Dessert Table with cupcakes (with toppers) and Cake
The party was very casual the kids were playing, parents mingling.  We did one game where we had a bunch of water balloons and the kids threw them at the "bad guys" (my husband and his friend).  It was a fun night and my son really enjoyed himself.  I was exhausted but it was worth it!!!

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  1. Looks like a great party. I'm getting ready to throw one for my 5 year old in March. Thanks for sharing the ideas.