Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Throwing a Sprinkle Shower...

Etiquette tells us that's it's not proper to have a baby shower every time you're pregnant.  YES ladies, you get ONE baby shower, typically for the first born.  The only times it's acceptable to have another full blown shower is if it's a re-marriage and the first baby for the couple together.  OR if this was a 10 year later "oops thought we were done and gave away all the baby stuff".   What if you registered for all pink stuff the first time around because you were having a girl and this time you're having a boy and everything you own is pink?  The solution to this common problem is a "sprinkle".  A Sprinkle by definition is a small scale shower.  Why wouldn't we celebrate baby #2, 3 or 4?  All babies are a reason to celebrate.  So right now I'm planning a sprinkle with a few girlfriends for our friend pregnant with her 2nd. 

It's basically 5 couples and we thought since it's more intimate we would include the guys.  I know my husband is always asking why he can't come with me to these baby and bridal showers.  I think the guys feel like they miss out on something- so we're going to get onesies and make all the guys play a little "shower game" to show them just what they're missing while us women head out to these "parties".  The mom to be will have to pick a winning onesie based on the guys designs.  We'll do a little game called "Name the baby mama and daddy" where everyone will have to name the parents of the famous children pictured. 

We're doing a brunch and I started thinking of what cute things I could do to tie in the baby shower-ish theme.  I love all the do-it yourself ideas there are out there.  I'm not that good at them but I still love looking around and getting ideas.  Here are some cute ideas I found (keep in mind this sprinkle is for a baby boy):

Cute Centerpiece:

Cute Gift Idea:

Onesie cookies:


  1. i totally had a full blown shower for sage. tacky, party of 5!

  2. hahaha... a lot of people do when it's a different sex and the "etiquette rules" are old-school anyways:). Maybe it was a sprinkle and you're just really popular so yours was larger:)

  3. Will YOU be having a sprinkle shower, Kelly? :P